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Benefits of Chip Wristbands!

  • Chip wristbands can be used at 8 sports venues in Brno: Kohoutovice Aquapark, the Lužánky Swimming Pool,
    Riviéra Aquatic Center, Rašínova Spa, Zábrdovice Aquatic Center, Ponávka Swimming Pool, Lužánky Ice Rink and Ice Rink Vodová.
  • Chip wristbands are transmissible.
  • A credit top up of 1000 CZK or more provides a 20% discount on the admission fees and additional services for:
    - Adults (blue chip)
    - Children 6 - 14 yo. (yellow chip)
    - Seniors (green chip)
  • In case you decide to transfer less than 1000 CZK to your chip wristband, you lose the chance to get a 20% cut­ off. 
    This process is repeatable. In case you have an insufficient credit balance and decide to recharge, the same rules apply regarding discount eligibility.
  • The credit is usable for:
    - entry fee up to your choice according to our terms and conditions
    - additional services including food and beverages (fitness gym, sauna, tanning salon etc.) according to the actual price list of chosen providers.
  • At the departure, if your credit covers all the services used, the money will automatically be deducted from your account and you can use a quick exit. If opposite, you will be obliged to pay the required amount of money or simply top up your credit at the cash desk.

Conditions of acquiring a chip wristband

  • Complete an application form at any ticket office of the sports venue expressing your agreement with these
    terms and conditions, register in the system and then acquire and activate the chip wristband.
  • To acquire a chip wristband, pay a refundable deposit of CZK 200 and then you can top up your credit on the chip wristband with any amount.
  • The amount (credit) can be paid in using cash, payment card, accepted vouchers as well as by an advance payment upon issuing an invoice or by a purchase in the online shop.
  • The chip wristband is valid for 2 years from its last use.

Service description

  • To be able to retain the 20 per cent discount after depleting your credit, you have to top up an amount of at least CZK 1000 again.
  • The chip wristbands are differentiated according to the type of admission as follows - adults, children, seniors.
  • Chip wristband also enables the wearer to automatically pass through the turnstile without having to stop at the ticket office.
  • The unused credit shall not be refunded.

Get NOW and ONLINE chip wristband here to enter our sports venues!


Applicability of your chip wristband will be automatically prolong until the sport venues stay closed. If your voucher expires at time of closed venues, we automatically extend it up to the same time. One time tickets extend individually. In case of interest contakt us on:

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Chip wristbands can be used at 8 of our sports venues
and in addition you get a 20% discount for the each admissions!!

Discount applies by topping up your credit with a minimum amount of CZK 1000.

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